Besides the content and sketches made for the television shows on BYUtv, Studio C has also created sketches specifically for a single platform. Below are the sketches and videos made specifically for YouTube, which have not been featured in an episode on BYUtv. There are also several sketches that were confirmed to be planned in an episode, but were scrapped at the last moment. These can be found on the appropriate page.

Life Event 1 Million Subscribers[edit | edit source]

Studio C reached an amazing milestone--1 million YouTube subscribers! To celebrate, Studio C wants to endure silliness, crazy things, and possibly bugs (?!?) just for you. Watch our YouTube Challenge LIVE EVENT.


Live Event 1 Million Subscribers - YouTube Challenge

Mustache Makeover[edit | edit source]

Watch as Jeremy gets a mustache makeover from Cute Girls Hairstyles! The result is both beautiful and strangely disturbing.


Mustache Makeover - Cute Girls Hairstyles

Mormon Misunderstanding[edit | edit source]

Mormons can be confusing to understand. What are the weird things you've heard? See if they match up with our video!


Mormon Misunderstanding

Barbs and Rhonda[edit | edit source]

Ladies and Gents, meet Barbs and Rhonda, the hair stylists with sass! These ladies don't simply just do your hair. Watch and find out what you're missing out on on your next trip to the salon!


Barbs and Rhonda

Sassy Secretaries[edit | edit source]

These secretaries aren't going to take any crap from anyone! And when they get orders barked at them all day, these two find their own unique ways to get revenge!


Sassy Secretaries

The World Has Gone Cold[edit | edit source]

Are you ready for the interpretive dance of a lifetime? We knew you would be. Welcome to "The World Has Gone Cold." We hope you feel as inspired as we are.


The World Has Gone Cold

Snow White is Hot, the Queen is...[edit | edit source]

What does the Evil Queen do when the Magic Mirror favors Snow White? Can the all-knowing mirror get through to her?


Snow White is Hot, the Queen is...

April Fool's Backfire[edit | edit source]

Beware of the mayhem that is tied to April Fool's Day. It's probably best to just climb in a hole and wait until the day is OVER!


April Fool's Backfire

STOP! I Have a Boyfriend![edit | edit source]

Watch how the social dynamics change once one girl steps into an exclusive relationship with a new boyfriend.


STOP! I Have a Boyfriend!

Christmas Shopping by the Four Wise Men[edit | edit source]

Join in on the very first Christmas gift shopping, as the fourth wise man stresses over his decision.


Christmas Shopping by the Four Wise Men

Christopher Columbus Learns The Truth About Columbus Day[edit | edit source]

What historical figure would you want to talk to if you could?


Christopher Columbus Learns The Truth About Columbus Day

Hazel: Most Annoying Coworker[edit | edit source]

Have you ever had someone overshadow your birthday?


Hazel Most Annoying Coworker

Doctor Refuses To Help Man[edit | edit source]

Is there a Doctor in the house?! Will somebody please save Matt?!


Doctor Refuses To Help Man

Most Epic Rap Battle Ever[edit | edit source]

One of the best rap battles in history could have taken place if the ex-girlfriend hadn't show up.


Most Epic Rap Battle Ever

A Quick Customer Survey[edit | edit source]

Would you be willing to do a quick customer survey? It would really help us improve our service. It will only take 5 minutes.


A Quick Customer Survey

A Tired Parent's Worst Nightmare[edit | edit source]

Having good neighbors is nice; having loud neighbors is worse than death. Shout-out to all the tired parents out there!


A Tired Parent's Worst Nightmare

How to Win a Fight With a Biker[edit | edit source]

A fight breaks out between two bikers and it ends in a way you wouldn't expect.


How to Win a Fight With a Biker

Disgruntled Commoners[edit | edit source]

How upset would you be if the worlds of fairy tales mixed in an extremely nonsensical way?! These townspeople are FURIOUS.


Disgruntled Commoners

The Ultimate Quiet Game[edit | edit source]

Looking to sit around and play a simple 'quiet game'? Well forget about it! Welcome to the big leagues where being quiet just got harder than ever!


The Ultimate Quiet Game

Are You Talking About Me?[edit | edit source]

Have you ever had an awkward interview? Well this is one for the books as this employer won't stop talking behind his back.


Are You Talking About Me?

Playing Devil's Advocate[edit | edit source]

There's always someone challenging rules, the norm, and actions of the masses. Usually, that can be a good thing.... unless you're ONLY objective is to play devil's advocate. And you work for an oil company.


Playing Devil's Advocate

Studio C and JK! Studios Collaborations[edit | edit source]

We teamed up with some familiar faces to bring you a very special surprise! Studio C joins JK! Studios in a spectacular round of "Finish the Sketch!"


Studio C and JK! Studios Collaboration...Finally!!


Studio C & JK! Studios - Finish The Sketch

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