Worst... EVER is a miniseries showing the worst scenarios when practising a certain job. The scenes are recorded off-set, at various locations, depending on the occupation featured in the sketch. The first sketch "Worst Teacher Ever" was featured in Season 3 Episode 2. As of Season 9, all former cast members had been featured at least once, Jason Gray and Adam Berg being the only members to have been featured twice. There have been fifteen segments of Worst Ever, as the longest running recurring sketches of Studio C.

Worst Trainer Ever[edit | edit source]

Who wouldn't want this guy as a trainer?


Worst Trainer Ever

Worst Teacher Ever[edit | edit source]

There are good teachers, there are bad teachers and then there is the worst teacher...ever.


Worst Teacher Ever

Worst Doctor Ever[edit | edit source]

We're going to need a second opinion.


Worst Doctor Ever

Worst Lawyer Ever[edit | edit source]

Never... EVER let her be your lawyer!


Worst Lawyer Ever

Worst App Ever[edit | edit source]

Don't even download this app.


Worst App Ever

Worst Waiter Ever[edit | edit source]

We all love getting a good waiter when you go out to eat. You probably won't want this guy as your waiter though.


Worst Waiter Ever

Worst Cop Ever[edit | edit source]

Sleep a little better tonight knowing that the law enforcement is protecting you from danger. ...or at least trying their best. ....or maybe just sort of trying.


Worst Cop Ever

Worst Plumber Ever[edit | edit source]

Have a problem with your plumbing? Well, we know who NOT to call! This plumber is completely incompetent, but has a heart of gold! Watch the catastrophe now!


Worst Plumber Ever

Worst Psychiatrist Ever[edit | edit source]

Stephen is a great example of how therapy can really work!


Worst Psychiatrist Ever

Worst Masseuse Ever[edit | edit source]

There's nothing better than getting a nice, relaxing massage. But you might want to avoid this place, because this masseuse will definitely INCREASE your stress... not reduce it!


Worst Masseuse Ever

Worst Ninja Ever[edit | edit source]

ARE YOU A NINJA??! If so, you know what it takes to be a ninja and the basic dos and don'ts of the trade. You would know what a really really good sensei dojo karate master ninja looks like as well as what the WORST NINJA EVER looks like.


Worst Ninja Ever

Worst Mechanic Ever[edit | edit source]

You know those people that know more about cars than they do well, pretty much anything else? Yeah, he's not one of those people. Just hope that you never see him at your local garage.


Worst Mechanic Ever

Worst Elf Ever[edit | edit source]

Did you think Santa's helpers were all perfect little workers? Think again. Enjoy the newest in the "Worst Ever" series!


Worst Elf Ever

Worst Comic Con Fan Ever![edit | edit source]

Maybe Gandalf will admit Tori into Hogwarts after their journey from District 12 on the Millennium Falcon.


Worst Comic Con Fan Ever!

Worst Wheel of Fortune Player Ever![edit | edit source]

Even Pat Sajak is at a loss for words after meeting the worst Wheel of Fortune player ever!


Worst Wheel of Fortune Player Ever!

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