The Vlogfather Shay Carl

The Vlogfather Shay Carl

The Godfather meets Vlogging. YouTube's own Shay Carl and the rest of the Shaytards team up with Studio C. Revolutionary or problematic? Watch now and tell us your thoughts!

"Like, Comment and Subscribe!"Edit

Stacey: First and foremost, we'd like to thank Shay Carl here, for helping us out with this video.
Matt: Check out Shay's real vlog, the "Shaytards", by clicking here. He posts awesome videos on the daily.
ShayCarl: And you, right now, sitting at your computer, subscribe to Studio C. Thumbs up this video, and leave us a nice comment below. These guys have hilarious stuff, and they got a lot more coming, so be sure to subscribe, okay? Alright? You got funny stuff coming, right? Tell me you got fun stuff-
Stacey: We got good stuff coming!
ShayCarl: Do not!
Stacey: We got it coming!
ShayCarl: Okay, it's coming.
Stacey: Dang!
ShayCarl: Check it out!
Stacey: Ugh!

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