These girls can show you how to live the perfect healthy life... if you don't take any of their advise. Madysen and Sayer are played by Mallory and Natalie. In the sketches they talk about their own stupidity, life hacks, and some diets they are trying.

Diet Tips

Are you totes ready for this amaze lifestyle vlog that we are obsessed with that will supes change your life???!! Learn diet tips, health tips, exercise tips and fashion tips, and feel the world with Sawyer and Madysen now! Science is so amaze!!

Christmas Hacks

You can never be too early or late to celebrate Christmas, amirite? But either way, you totes have to watch your diet!! So here are some supes cool health tips for you and your BFFs. Peace and love!!

The Most Organic Vlog Christmas Hacks

The Most Organic Vlog Christmas Hacks

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