The Most Organic Vlog Social Media Tips

The Most Organic Vlog Social Media Tips

Madysen and Sawyer are TOTES BACK with their breakthrough Organic Vlog series! Today, they're shelling out tips for maximizing social media, or soc meds, in their words!

"Like, Comment and Subscribe!"Edit

Mallory: Hi! Thanks, guys, for watching that sketch.
Natalie: Yeah. And speaking of sosh medes, make sure you subscribe to our channel.
Mallory: Yeah, and you need to like this video.
Natalie: Yeah.
Mallory: And you need to comment below about, like, your favorite thing about us. And...
Natalie: Like, is it our nose, or our outfits?
Mallory: Or like all of it, you like the whole brand?
Natalie: Tell us.
Natalie: Thanks.

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