The Most Organic Vlog Parenting Tips

The Most Organic Vlog Parenting Tips

OMG r u totes supes ready to learn about how to parent??! Learn about essential oils, polio, sandwiches, organic baby diapers, seashells, and babieeeees! Involve the Earth! Hang with Sawyer and Madysen and learn to be the parent you always supes wanted to be! #momlife #LouandLeiaForever

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Natalie: Hey guys, thanks for watching! Make sure you click on the subscribe square.
Mallory: Yeah, and give us a point up. Because, uh, you liked it.
Natalie: Point up.
Mallory: And, uh, comment below if you want more... more tips about your kids and things.
Natalie: Great.
Mallory: Kids are great and precious.
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Mallory: Bye!

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