The Most Organic Vlog Charity

The Most Organic Vlog Charity

Awes news! Sawyer and Madysiin are BACK! In this, their SIXTH Vlog (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!), they are talking about the importance of charity and how amaze it is! And spoiler, they're also going to feature some dogs! #charingiscaring

"Like, Comment and Subscribe!"Edit

Mallory: Hey guys, be sure to like this video, and subscribe to our channel, and comment below about like, all the charity that you're doing, because of how we inspired you.
Natalie: Right. Like, we hope we inspired you to do charity, but not like the dumb kind of charity like my friend Charity. She has a terrible haircut.
Mallory: She so dumb.
Natalie: She's kind of nice though.
Mallory: She's dumb.

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