The 5 Stages of Netflix

The 5 Stages of Netflix

We all LOVE Netflix, but are you ready to learn what the 5 stages of Netflix actually are? Comment below if you have experienced them or which one resonates with you the most!


Jason: Man, that was a good episode. Can't wait to see what happens ne-

Are you still watching?

The 5 stages of NETFLIX

Jason: Psh. I am definitely not still watching you, Netflix, okay? I have so many plans tonight. Huge, huge plans. Big, fatty plans, okay? My plans are pregnant with baby plans, okay? And someday those plans will... will have plans of their own, okay, so I do not need you, Netflix.


Jason: How dare you ask that with your judgemental, condescending tone?! Are you still producing new Adam Sandler movies? See, I can ask embarrassing questions too! Remember in 2012, when you split the mailing and the streaming service? I forgave you! And this is how you repay me?! Ah!


Jason: Just... just one more episode. One more episode and I will be so productive, okay? I will eat. I will bathe. I will answer my grandmother's text from this morning asking to pick her up from the airport and I will feed my hamster- I will provide a top-notch funeral and burial for my hamster. Sorry, Mister Tibbs.


Jason: I'm so pathetic. Look at me! Don't look at me! I've forgotten how to live life. Man, I... I missed the wedding of my best friend. I told him my dad was at the hospital just so I could finish Season 2 of Stranger Things! And the worst part is, my dad was at the hospital.


Jason: Yes. I am still watching. Oh, that feels good to say. You hear that, world? I'm still watching! It's Friday night, I've worked hard all week and I deserve this!
James: It's Tuesday morning, you don't work at all, and you don't deserve this. You have a serious Netflix addiction.
Jason: Psh. Please. I can quit whenever I want.


"Like, Comment and Subscribe!"Edit

Jason: Pft, I don't even care if you subscribe. Seriously. Please! Comment below! Guys, come on, come on. Just one little like. One little like. I don't care. Whatever. Doesn't even matter. Thanks, guys. Thank you so much. I mean, the support you give us. That's why we do this. Thank you.

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