All wikis have rules and guidelines that need to be followed, and this wiki is no different. Although most of these rules should have been reviewed before, as part of Fandom's Terms of Use, some are listed here again, since they also pertain to this wiki.

Rules and Guidelines


  • Fandom is intended solely to be used by users who are 13 years old or older.
  • Be respectful towards other Fandom users, don't abuse, harass, insult or intimidate them.
    • Be open to other cultures and characters. Not everyone might be from the same country or state you are from. If you think person B might be strange in your culture, person B might think the same thing about you.
  • Be careful with giving out personal information.
  • Don't solicit personal information from any user with the intent to use it for personal gain.
  • No inappropriate language. Studio C is a family-friendly show, and we would like to keep the wiki family-friendly as well.
    • Don't use swears, slurs, or anything else that might be considered as offensive.
    • Don't use emoticons or caps excessively.
  • Don't pretend to be other people.
  • Don't post obscene, pornographic, abusive, offensive or profane images.
  • Sockpuppeting is not allowed. Although having multiple accounts is allowed, a second (or third, or fourth...) account is not allowed to evade a block or ban.


  • No vandalism. Vandalism can range from adding unnecessary pages or deleting pages to spamming, and it does not help with the development of the wiki.
  • Don't revert an admin's edit without giving a good reason. The admins of the wiki check each other's contributions, and they themselves have checked every contribution they make. If the edit you made was invalid, this will be seen as vandalism.
  • Keep contributions on-topic. This wiki is about Studio C, other wikis have other topics, and off-topic contributions will be marked for deletion. Going off-topic in chat is fine, as long as it doesn't go against the FANDOM Terms of Use and/or The Studio C Wikia Rules and Guidelines.
  • No marriage proposals.

Behaviour towards staff

  • Listen to admins at all times. Administrators will do what they think is right for the wiki. Blocks and bans can be appealed once by writing on the message wall of the admin who blocked or banned you on Community Central.
  • Don't mini-mod. Administrators are aware of the rules and guidelines of the wiki and of the Fandom Terms of Use, and they will say it whenever a user has crossed the line. Telling other users how to conduct themselves is highly discouraged.

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