No ‘C’ in TeamEdit

Studio C castmates aren’t just cubicle neighbors. Take a look at the cast connections.

  • Stephen and Whitney are married.
  • Matt, Adam, and Stacey live together.
  • Mallory and Whitney went to high school together in Oregon.
  • Jason's wife dated Stephen at one time.
  • Stephen's younger brother lives in James' basement.
  • All 10 initial Studio C cast members got their chops at Divine Comedy.
  • Adam graduated from Lone Peak, where he also went to school with Jeremy's wife and Natalie's husband.
  • Most of the cast went on a cruise together the week after Thanksgiving 2014.
  • Matt, Mallory, and Stacey went on a tour of Europe in January 2017. (You can see highlights at
  • A part of the cast were featured as extras in the music video for the song "On Top of the World" by Imagine Dragons, although it is not known how many castmembers exactly, presumably six. Jared Shores also helped produce this video.

How many of these did you already know? Were you surprised about any?