Stuart Edge

Stuart Edge (born March 27, 1989 (30 years old)) is an American magician and YouTube personality. He currently has two YouTube channels, one mainly for tricks, illusions and pranks, and another one for behind-the-scenes-footage and vlogs. He gained fame when his video "Mistletoe Kissing Prank" was viewed over 10 million times within one week, and when his video "I Really Like You Lip Sync-23 people in one van" was retweeted by original singer Carly Rae Jepsen and international sensation Justin Bieber. He's currently probably best known for his magic tricks and his support for the homeless, although he has also worked with Peter Hollens for some of his projects.

Stuart Edge has made two sketches with Studio C, although none have been in an episode (yet). Aside from that, he has been to a live show at least once, and he is an extra in Best Volleyball Blocks Ever with Scott Sterling.

Star Wars MagicEdit

Yoda I Love.

Star Wars Magic Ft

Star Wars Magic Ft. Studio C

You'll Be DeadEdit

When Star-Lord tries to pick up on Ripley he gets more than he bargained for from Evazan.

You'll Be Dead — Stuart Edge & Studio C

You'll Be Dead — Stuart Edge & Studio C

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