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Jason: Alright, folks, we've reached our cruising altitude. Feel free to turn on any electronic devices and access our in-flight Wi-Fi. Thank you.

Matt: Sorry. I was totally zoning out on your text. I'm sorry.
Tori: No, it's okay. I do that too sometimes.

Tori: Um, were you just, um...?
Matt: No, no, I.. I was laughing at a stewardess.
Mallory: Is it because of my nose?
Matt: What? No...

Tori: I knew it.
Matt: I'm sorry. I just read too much the first time and I got sucked in, you know? It's very interesting. Like when your dad said that the car accident might not have been an accident, I was like "What is that about?" And when he said he's going to find the guys who did it, I was like "This dude is Liam Neeson."
Tori: Stop reading my texts.
Matt: You're right, I'm sorry. I'm being so nosy.
Mallory: Are you talking about me again?
Matt: No.
Mallory: Nose?!
Matt: No!

Matt: She has issues.
Tori: Yeah, so do you. Stay out of my business.
Matt: You're right, I'm sorry. I will give you some privacy, okay? Good night.
Tori: Good night.

Tori: That is it! What is wrong with you?
Matt: I'm sorry! I'm just so curious! I need a distraction. Here. I got a magazine. I will leave you be.

Tori: Why?!
Matt: That is it. I'm not strong enough. I will go to the bathroom. Leave you totally alone. I'm so sorry.

Tori: What in the world?!
Matt: The bathroom was occupied!
Tori: You have a problem.
Matt: I know. I promise I will stop. Just tell me what happens after he hits the guy with a tire iron.
Tori: What?
Matt: You might not have gotten to that part yet.
Tori: No, okay. I'm sorry. Okay, I have to change seats.
Matt: No, no, no! Please, it's not my fault! Social media has made me too invested in people's personal lives! Just tell me how it ends, please! Man! Now I'll never know.
Mallory: Nose?!
Matt: Oh.

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This video has not yet been uploaded to YouTube, and therefore doesn't have an endslate yet.

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