Sounds of a Seashell

Sounds of a Seashell

Seashells are so cool and if you put it up to your ear, you can hear the sounds of the waves and the ocean. ...and maybe a little bit more!


Whitney: We have too much stuff.
Adam: I agree, like, why do we even have a giant seashell?
Whitney: Oh, that was my grandma's! Plus, if you put your ear to it, you can hear the ocean. See?
Adam: Oh, um... Oh, yeah, I guess that's kind of cool.

Jason: All hands on deck! Storm's approaching fast!
Adam: Uh, is this a joke?
Whitney: Is what a joke?
Adam: Nothing.

Jason: Man overboard!
James: The ship is sinking!
Whitney: Are you alright? You look worried.
Adam: No, I'm fine.

James: If anyone can hear me, save us!
Jason: Save us!
Stephen: Save us!
Adam: Hello?
Stephen: A voice from the heavens!
Adam: No.
Stephen: It's the devil, come to claim our souls!
Adam: No, I...I'll help, um...

Stephen: The winds have increased tenfold!
Jason: And they smell like tacos!
James: I'm drowning!
Stephen: Do something!

Whitney: What are you doing?
Adam: I don't know, I'm looking for something. I don't know what. Life savers!

Jason: We're saved!
James: Yay!
Whitney: Are you sure you're alright?
Adam: I am now.

James: Oh no, they're melting!
Jason: And the sharks are attracted to the sugar!
Stephen: We're doomed!

"Like, Comment and Subscribe!"Edit

Adam: Hey, thanks for watching! Don't forget to like and click below to subscribe.
Jason: And share with your friends, no matter where they are.
Adam: And don't forget to stop and appreciate the little things.
Jason: Could you pour some M&Ms into the shell? We're hungry!
Adam: Here you go.
Jason: No, those are Ws! I said pour M&Ms!
James: Ha, yeah, yeah, those are Ws you fool!

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