Shoulder Angel

Shoulder Angel

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Bank robbers have a conscience too.

The voice in your head that tells you to do good takes a literal form as the Shoulder Angel. Watch as Matt does all that he can to stop evil from prospering.


Jason: How you doin'?
Jeremy: I'm doing all right. It's a beautiful evening. The stars sure are out.

Jason: Alright. Let's do this.
Matt: Poof!
Jason: Who are you?
Matt: I am your Shoulder Angel, John. Here, allow me to just…
Jason: What are you doing?
Matt: Bear with me… These robes… Sigh…

Matt: John, I come to you with this critical juncture with words of warning. Do not do this.
Stacey: Well, uh, let's do this?
Matt: Do not do this.
Jason: Let's do this. What's the matter, Billy? Not getting cold feet on me, are you?
Stacey: I just got a bad feeling about this.
Matt: Excuse me, John, I'm needed elsewhere.

Matt: Okay. Billy, do…
Stacey: Nah, let's do this!
Matt: No!
Stacey: Here are the blueprints, if you want to take a look.
Jason: Yep.
Stacey: See, we got to watch out for the cameras on point A and point B.
Matt: What about looking out for your soul?! At point Soul? Okay. John, give me those blueprints! Those are the devil's papers! Do what is right!

James: Hey guys. The uh… the getaway car is ready.
Jason: Hey, Little Tim. Check these out!
Matt: No! No, don't check them out, Little Tim! No! Think about your little soul! Little Tim! Are you packing?! What is this?! Completely inappropriate!

Matt: Okay. Little Tim. Just wait for me. To get. To you. I. Gotta want it.

Matt: Little Tim…
James: Alright, let's do this.
Stacey: Let's do this.
Jason: Let's do this.
Matt: You leave me no choice!

James: Hey mom.
Jason: Hey mom.


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