Shakespearean Therapy

Shakespearean Therapy

Shakespeare's characters have issues.

Juliet goes to therapy for anxiety. Watch as her therapist tries to make sense of her story.


  • This is the second sketch of Season 1 Episode 2.
  • This is the only sketch of Season 1 Episode 2 not to be written by Matt Meese, but he does appear in it.
  • This sketch was uploaded on Valentines Day 2013, after Season 1 had aired.
  • Mallory and Matt are both playing as characters in works written by famous writer William Shakespeare.
    • Mallory is playing as Juliet from Romeo & Juliet, Matt is playing as Hamlet from the tragedy Hamlet.
  • This is the fifth sketch in which Whitney (Call) Meek is featured.
  • This is the first sketch with more female than male Cast members in it.
  • This sketch presumably takes place in a certain time period in the past.

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