Seeing Colors for the First Time

Seeing Colors for the First Time

Are you or someone you love color blind? Doesn't your heart just go out to them and you wish you could get them glasses that would change their vision and world forever? Well, you're in luck!


Matt: Oh, thanks, Whit! I wanted to read this.
Whitney: Oh, good!
Matt: Good present. Guys, this has been a good birthday. Thank you.

Mallory: Um, well, it's not over yet. Happy birthday!
Matt: What's this?
Mallory: Um, they're special glasses for colorblind people. Matt, this is going to be the first time that you can see every color.
Stephen: Put them on!
Whitney: Yeah! Do it!

Matt: Oh my goodness. Oh my gosh. I can't... Mal... your clothes clash so bad! Orange and red? Oh! I can't believe how bad that looks! I had no idea, but now I know. Thank you.
Mallory: You're welcome...

Matt: Oh, Adam! What color are these walls? Oh, "Bad decision", by Martha Stewart? I can't believe... Oh, you got to paint this place like yesterday. Color vision is wasted on you guys! You've been seeing this stuff the whole time, and you didn't do anything about it?!

Matt: Look how beautiful I am! My hair is the most beautiful hair in this room, by far. My eyes... they're captivating. No wonder women are too intimidated to date me.

Stephen: Matt, hey, there's a rainbow out here. You should come see-
Matt: Shush. I am the rainbow. I need to post way more pictures of myself on Instagram. The world needs to see this. But first, we got to take Mal shopping, because, yeah... I'll drive. I'm totally going to be able to tell when traffic lights are red now!

Matt: Yeah- oh, this picture... was a lot more interesting when I thought it was in color. That's disappointing.

Mallory: I warned you. We shouldn't tamper with nature.
Whitney: Yeah.

Matt: Oh, Whitney! Your car is light green! Ugh, it's a booger on wheels!
Whitney: I'm going to break those glasses!
Jeremy: This is... this is funny. It's funny, guys! Come on!

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