Season Seven
No. Title Original air date
1 Season 7 Episode 1 September 30, 2016
Studio C Season 7 starts out with a BANG! Matt discovers who Jeremy really is, Gary decides he's had enough and quits the band, and Shay Carl presents the ins and outs of vlogging etiquette. Featuring Shay Carl.
2 Season 7 Episode 2 October 10, 2016
Stephen has the worst nightmare ever, the Phantom of the Opera gets dating advice from his pals, and Brooklyn and Bailey help the girls face off against the boys in an epic dance battle. Featuring Brooklyn & Bailey.
3 Season 7 Episode 3 October 17, 2016
Stacey discovers the truth about where he came from, the Winslow brothers rob another train, and the Game of Life takes on a life of its own. Featuring Matthias.
4 Season 7 Episode 4 October 24, 2016
Astronaut Mark Watny experiences problems with his first YouTube channel, Jason teaches Jeremy just how great the internet can be, and a game of Truth or Dare gets more daring than ever. Featuring Lucky Blue Smith.
5 Season 7 Halloween Special October 31, 2016
Things get scary when Jeremy shops for a new piano, Matt's attempts at helping his baby get back to sleep go wrong, and the guys can't seem to understand Adam's Halloween costume.
6 Season 7 Episode 6 November 7, 2016
Matt sees colors for the first time and can't believe his eyes, a tour group at the Great Pyramid see more than they could have hoped for, and only one man can save the world when aliens attack. Featuring Shonduras.
7 Season 7 Episode 7 November 14, 2016
Harry Potter and the gang try using the Mirror of Erised again, Natalie adopts a strange new cat, and Jeremy struggles with getting picked last for the team. Featuring Brooklyn & Bailey.
8 Season 7 Episode 8 November 21, 2016
Hector tries his hardest to help his boss, The Great British Bakeoff contestants deal with their most difficult challenge yet, and the Cookie Monster gets pitched his craziest endorsement deal ever.
9 Season 7 Episode 9 November 28, 2016
Jason and Natalie try to take a simple family photo, the Charleston Brothers get help from the YouTube channel "What's Inside", and Spencer interviews for a job. Featuring What's Inside.
10 Season 7 Christmas Special December 5, 2016
The kids make ornaments to hang on a tree, the family sits around the dinner table to share their favorite holiday traditions, and Kyle finally grows up, but not without some lingering problems. Featuring the Gardiner Sisters.
11 Season 7 Episode 11 February 6, 2017
Adam finally receives his warrior name after months of training, a returned veteran surprises his son at school, and Coach Dupree leads his soccer team to victory.
12 Season 7 Episode 12 February 13, 2017
Stephen finally gets a kiss from his high school crush, Officer Williams keeps things in order at the park, and the real Cinderella meets her Prince Charming.
13 Season 7 Episode 13 February 20, 2017
Grandma J sets out to solve a court case, Jason's visit to Russia ends unexpectedly, and a teen movie theater employee discovers the best way to woo women. Featuring Matthias and Holly Homer.
14 Season 7 Episode 14 February 27, 2017
The Lifestyle Vlog girls return with “amaze” parenting tips, the guys discover their lives are actually The Truman Show, and two drivers go head to head in an epic lip sync battle.
15 Season 7 Episode 15 March 6, 2017
Jeremy tries to rescue a man who is trapped, the national chess championship is won by a landslide, and YouTuber Mark Rober tries to help the victims of a plane crash on a deserted island. Featuring Mark Rober.
16 Season 7 Episode 16 March 13, 2017
Adam listens to the sounds of the ocean through a seashell, the Dark Knight saves a woman from danger with a little help from his friends , and video game creators brainstorm their next big idea. Featuring Shayli Dursteler.
17 Season 7 Episode 17 March 20, 2017
Sleeping Beauty receives gifts from the three good fairies, an unusual teacher substitutes at a middle school, and pirates board a ship and take the captain hostage.
18 Season 7 Episode 18 March 27, 2017
Harry Potter bids his children farewell as they journey to Hogwarts, the guys go to a club to flirt with the ladies, and an investigation is conducted on the streets of Old London.
19 Studio C at the Movies: The Reel World April 1, 2017
Grab the popcorn, hit the lights, and enjoy a reimagined lineup of all the best movie-themed sketches. See what happens when your favorite movie characters enter the reel world, Studio C style!
20 Studio C at the Movies: Going Off Script April 1, 2017
Grab the popcorn, hit the lights, and enjoy a reimagined lineup of all the best movie-themed sketches. See what happens when Studio C movie characters go behind the scenes and off script!
21 Season 7 Episode 19 April 3, 2017
H&R Block throws a party to celebrate the end of another tax season, while Mallory, Natalie and Jason get super dizzy.