Season Five
No. Title Original air date
1 Season 5 Episode 1 October 6, 2014
The whole cast welcomes you to Season 5 of Studio C, Matt finds a new world in his couch, and James's friends try to explain how to walk properly.
2 Season 5 Episode 2 October 13, 2014
The Doctor pops in to help out humanity, Matt tries to make a simple PB and J sandwich for a friendly picnic, and a home burglar gets more than he bargained for from some home owners. Featuring Stars.
3 Season 5 Episode 3 October 20, 2014
The Smiths fight back against their conniving brother, the different people in Adam's brain help him once again, and America finds herself in a bitter custody battle.
4 Season 5 Halloween Special October 27, 2014
In this Halloween special, Matt and Mal find themselves in a prank gone wrong, the Justice Trio saves the day once again, and then Grandpa tells the scariest ghost stories his grandkids have ever heard.
5 Season 5 Episode 5 November 3, 2014
Matt gives his last words before his sentence is carried out and everyone's favorite Hunger Games characters try to decide who Katniss should marry in the best way possible: by singing about it!
6 Season 5 Episode 6 November 10, 2014
Ken Burns uncovers the true story of Lewis and Clark's expedition, there is love in the air at the local ice cream parlor, and the people of Couchville return to regain power in the kingdom.
7 Season 5 Episode 7 November 17, 2014
This special forty-ninth episode has a lot to offer. Matt has a whole network dedicated to his achievements, The New York Times Best Sellers committee tutors their newest hire, and Mal is given more advice on breaking up with Jason. Featuring Steve Young.
8 Season 5 Episode 8 November 24, 2014
A high school graduation ceremony gets a little off track, the search for Rapunzel finally comes to an end, and the Matt Center team makes another inconvenient appearance.
9 Season 5 Episode 9 December 1, 2014
The local cop precinct gets sensitivity training, The Janitor helps a studying couple with their chemistry, and the Channel 8 News team has their broadcast time cut down to only a few minutes for their whole report. Featuring Steve Young.
10 Season 5 Christmas Special December 8, 2014
It's Christmas time at Studio C, and Santa gives Mrs. Claus his best present yet. The elves start to unionize for a fair working environment, and Stephen gets a peek at what life would look like if he were never born. Merry Christmas everyone!
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