Season Four
No. Title Original air date
1 How to Make Studio C April 5, 2014
The cast and crew of Studio C will walk you through a step by step process in making your own sketch comedy TV show.
2 Season 4 Episode 1 April 7, 2014
The Studio C cast starts off Season 4 with a simple elevator ride, the crew on the Starship Enterprise takes a major fall, and the mad scientist invents his most terrifying creation yet.
3 Season 4 Episode 2 April 14, 2014
A helpful banana tries to teach Tommy the importance of eating right, Matt discovers his future career, and the Founding Fathers welcome James Madison to the group.
4 Season 4 Episode 3 April 21, 2014
The survivors of a crashed plane search for help, Jason and his friends play the greatest video game ever, and the group at Hogwarts welcomes their newest class member.
5 Season 4 Episode 4 April 28, 2014
Celine Dion introduces her daughter Lexi to the world, the world fencing championships reveal the greatest slow motion replay to date, and Adam tries to ditch his annoying wingman at the club. Featuring Lexi Walker.
6 Season 4 Episode 5 May 5, 2014
The local nuclear facility has a little meltdown, mothers get their new anthem, and Mozart is entertained by his greatest student yet.
7 Season 4 Episode 6 May 12, 2014
The newest Star Wars production runs into a couple bumps, Leo the kiosk worker proves to be a bigger challenge than expected, and the male mind proves to be a little more divided than previously imagined.
8 Season 4 Episode 7 May 19, 2014
Mates of State joins the whale rally, the president fights through his most challenging press conference yet, and the gods of the Greek Parthenon introduce themselves. Featuring Mates of State.
9 Season 4 Episode 8 June 2, 2014
Marvin ruins another party game, the Mad Scientist reveals his next evil invention, and the Guild of Adventurers regroup and try to press onward after their last defeat.
10 Season 4 Episode 9 June 9, 2014
Elementary students lose a couple friends when the ground turns to lava, the Royal Queen tries to understand social media better, and a marketing team has big ideas for lobster bisque. Featuring David Bazan.
11 Season 4 Episode 10 June 16, 2014
The president gives his most motivational pep talk, the Brothers Grimm try to tell the commoners their latest story, and Studio C ends the season with a fond farewell.
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