Season Three
No. Title Original air date
1 The Best of Studio C October 5, 2013
Enjoy the best skits from Season 1 and 2. Featuring Shawn Bradley.
2 Season 3 Episode 1 October 7, 2013
Professor Wilcox teaches the subtle and sophisticated art of photo bombing, Matt tells his dad about a fight at school, and the Shoulder Angel turns to his own shoulder angel for guidance. Featuring McKay Jacobsen, Mates of State and Stan Ellsworth.
3 Season 3 Episode 2 October 14, 2013
Matt's parents invested ALL of his inheritance, a hungry friend gets rather emotional after losing something very dear to him at a funeral, and Hank plans an unusual surprise party.
4 Season 3 Episode 3 October 21, 2013
Mallory testifies to Matt's inability to commit the crime he's accused of, Marco Polo visits the future to see how his namesake has affected future generations, and at a charity auction, a bidding war reaches levels beyond mere money.
5 Season 3 Halloween Special October 28, 2013
An uncooperative lineup suspect won't read his line to the cops, Ann meets her greatest heartthrob - R.L. Stine, and the group struggles to find the real killer in an episode of Murder Mystery Mansion.
6 Season 3 Episode 5 November 4, 2013
Mrs. America is crowned, a ninety-year-old cameraman struggles during a live taping of the Beatles, and the USA tells Great Britain that she will never get back together with him.
7 Season 3 Episode 6 November 11, 2013
A father and his hyperactive son finally discover the genie's lamp, a restaurant offers lower-calorie options with strings attached, and the truth finally settles a long sibling rivalry.
8 Season 3 Episode 7 November 18, 2013
Mr. Eckelstone subs in the local Lamaze class, a talk show host tries to keep it together before the commercial break, and a high school team has to play a little ugly to win.
9 Season 3 Episode 8 November 25, 2013
A bright inventor has each of his brilliant ideas ruined, a couple on a hike assists a stranded stranger, and Teddy explains how his story business works. Featuring Kenny Baldwin, Rogue Wave and McKay Jacobsen.
10 Season 1 Favorites November 28, 2013
Along with whitty commentary from the cast, Studio C brings you the Top 10 favorite sketches from Season 1, including "P90X," "Google Translator" and "Dana's Dead." Featuring Shawn Bradley and Elizabeth Funk.
11 Season 2 Favorites November 28, 2013
Tune in to watch the Studio C cast give fun remarks on the Top 10 sketches from Season 2, including "Gandalf Intervention," "Drivers Ed," and "Poker Face."
12 Cast Favorites November 28, 2013
Listen in on personal insights from the Studio C cast as they reveal their Top 10 sketches. From "Dungeons and Dragons and Girls" and "Super Siblings" to "The Bachelorette," you'll find out why each sketch is a favorite. Featuring Mates of State and Kenny Baldwin.
13 Season 3 Episode 9 December 2, 2013
Stephen waits in an extremely romantic restaurant for his date to arrive, Whitney tries to learn how Mallory rates their friendship, and a soup loving family prepares to meet their son's new girlfriend.
14 Season 3 Christmas Special December 9, 2013
Santa learns new ways to show his love at Christmas, Kyle's mom takes him to the mall to visit Santa, and Christmas is not complete without toys coming to life.
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