Season Two
No. Title Original air date
1 Season 2 Episode 1 April 1, 2013
Mr. Eckelstone teaches kids how to drive, Downton proves to be full of drama, and breaking up becomes more difficult than one might think.
2 Season 2 Episode 2 April 8, 2013
The TSA tries to stop true love, da Vinci finds difficulty in painting his latest portrait, and the high school spelling bee gets an update.
3 Season 2 Episode 3 April 15, 2013
Poker players give their inner thoughts, Ann helps a visitor find a good book, and the police chief tries to protect innocent ears.
4 Season 2 Episode 4 April 22, 2013
Good Cop and Bad Cop call in a friend for backup, the Great Kenny has his greatest magic trick yet, Captain Literally saves us from hyperbole, and the long awaited will of Ezekiel Josiah Worthington is read.
5 Season 2 Episode 5 April 29, 2013
Three doctors try a new treatment method, a young lawyer has his first experience in court, and Mr. Eckelstone teaches scouts the dangers of wilderness survival. Featuring Viviane Quintela.
6 Season 2 Episode 6 May 6, 2013
Get a rare sneak peek behind the scenes of Studio C, watch as Gandalf confronts his biggest challenge yet, and see Ann go door to door renewing library cards.
7 Season 2 Episode 7 May 13, 2013
The Indian in the Cupboard proves difficult to find, the Disney Vault comes under attack, and Jim Blonde gears up for his next mission.
8 Season 2 Episode 8 May 20, 2013
Matt's stand-up routine is interrupted, eating bisque for lunch is harder than it should be, and Sidious is determined to bring his roommates to the dark side.
9 Season 2 Episode 9 May 27, 2013
A tango competition gets a little sticky, Jason Bourne faces his greatest challenge yet, and deathbed repentance is trickier than expected.
10 Season 2 Episode 10 June 3, 2013
The students at the flirting academy finally graduate, the radio mystery hour comes crashing down, and Regis helps the latest Millionaire contestant. Featuring Brittni Miner.
11 Season 2 Episode 11 June 10, 2013
Roger's wobbly wheelbarrow is stolen, finding the drop is harder than it appears, and the characters of Candyland are in a financial crisis.
12 Season 2 Episode 12 June 17, 2013
The weatherman gives his final five-day forecast, Gollum tries to work out his issues, and Shoulder Angel overcomes the Secret Service.
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