Season Thirteen
No. Title Original air date
1 Season 13 Episode 1 February 8, 2021
When jokes fail to land, mission control steps in to bring the sketch safely home. A grisly executioner employs unconventional methods to get his job done. Ezekiel Browngoat's incredible business success has brought him unthinkable sorrow. Often overlooked by sports enthusiasts, two devoted speed walkers demonstrate their athleticism. In a rare, subtitled, event a baseball team reveals what they're really communicating with their sly hand signals. As a cruise ship sinks, a less than heroic captain oversees the vessel's evacuation.
2 Season 13 Episode 2 February 15, 2021
Cupid gets his heart broken while hosting this special Valentine's episode of Studio C. A waitress thinks a man is being mean to his girlfriend. A girl interferes in her best friend's relationship. Romance fizzles as a promposal turns into a war. Heartbroken teenagers drown their sorrows in increasingly gigantic pizzas. A dad's attempts to intimidate his daughter's boyfriend are undercut when he can't stop giggling.
3 Season 13 Episode 3 February 22, 2021
A young man recounts the story of how he came to live in a bird's nest. To attract value-seeking riders, Uber rolls out a new option—student drivers. When the Tooth Fairy's daughter loses a tooth, an extremely unique fairy appears. A confident spy confronts a bank robber and ends up jumping to conclusions. A rock band is unprepared for the audience's response to their hype act. A new manager becomes insecure whenever his subordinates mention their old boss.
4 Season 13 Episode 4 March 1, 2021
An entire family gets involved when a teen daughter's date arrives. The first ever Westminster Cat Show leaves judges with a tough decision. A kidnapped grandmother proves to be more than her captors bargained for. Maria's attempt to teach the Von Trapp children about music leads to an existential crises. Fast food staff intervene in the life of a customer. An aspiring screenwriter meets with Hollywood executives who have a few notes on her script. Three cursed kids attend a birthday party.
5 Season 13 Episode 5 March 8, 2021
6 Season 13 Episode 6 March 15, 2021
7 Season 13 Episode 7 March 22, 2021
8 Season 13 Episode 8 March 29, 2021
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