Season Twelve
No. Title Original air date
1 Season 12 Episode 1 October 5, 2020
While speaking to each other via handphone, the Studio C Cast gets a call from a kidnapper. Diva dancer Julian uses his magnetic dance moves to prevent the Style Gurlz from kicking him out. A couple celebrates their engagement by splurging on the house's finest bottle...of milk. In this parody of "Chopped," three chefs are given an unexpected secret ingredient, a live grenade. Back-country DMV patrons believe you should be able to register anything as a truck.
2 Season 12 Episode 2 October 12, 2020
A science class erupts when students accidentally dissect frogs. A teen's life is transformed when she gets braces. Kid detectives are repeated interrupted by an odd ball janitor who claims to know things. An acting workshop goes awry when an eccentric instructor teaches about geese. A boy band fan discovers that one member of the group isn't very crushable. Wayne Brady's Comedy IQ winner, Bryson Brunson, guest stars.
3 Season 12 Episode 3 October 19, 2020
Every time a bridal party dances down the aisle, someone makes a mistake and they have to restart. A mascot clumsily fires a t-shirt gun at himself before a cheering crowd and concerned announcers. When an angel arrives to take him to heaven, Ron realizes his pants are unzipped and he is mortified. A high school drama teacher plans a flash mob at the local mall, but only three students show up. Captain Hook is horrified to hear that Peter Pan calls him Hook because of the loss of his hand.
4 Season 12 Hollywood Special October 26, 2020
Step into the space between Studio B and Studio D, where nothing is as it seems. A bed and breakfast loses its charm when you meet the staff. A gentleman accuses his mattress of being evil. A suburban resident ends up in a battle of wills with a leaf blower and its operator. A clueless woman mistakes zombie apocalypse preparations for her own surprise birthday party. A man shows up at the wrong house and finds himself in the middle of a murder mystery.
5 Season 12 Episode 5 November 2, 2020
A paperboy invites a milk delivery girl to continue her deliveries with him on a bicycle built for two. A messenger is easily distracted from delivering news. Sir Malcolm, a British stage actor, struggles to work on green screen in a Hollywood blockbuster. A wedding party gets carried away while decorating the new couple's car. A college psychology instructor uses audience plants for a dramatic introduction to psychology.
6 Season 12 Episode 6 November 9, 2020
The president suddenly realizes he's in charge, and this newfound power goes to his head. The Shmandrew Sisters' latest stop on a grueling USO tour falls apart when they make up new lyrics. A kid on a bike zooms past a couple, begging for their attention by showing off his tricks and abilities. An airport love scene keeps getting interrupted by airline employees following security protocols. After been trampled by his horse, an actor refuses to work with animals, resulting in a western without horses.
7 Season 12 Episode 7 November 16, 2020
Tourists on their first visit to New York City are excited to encounter street performers on the subway. An emotional father struggles to officiate his only daughter's wedding. A detective looking for a challenge refuses to let a witness give him any descriptive information. Three family men are ready for a boys’ night out. A man dramatically quits his job and storms out but then realizes his actions may have been premature.
8 Season 12 Episode 8 November 23, 2020
A weatherman is rattled by the high pressure system created as his co-workers throw the camera back to him. An overly confident restaurant server trains a new employee on the tricks of the trade that will lead to large tips. An Antiques Roadshow appraiser accidentally diminishes the value of every item she appraises. An optimistic batch of army recruits see the silver lining to each insult their drill sergeant barks at them. An adult child visits his parents and is less than enthusiastic about the bedtime routine they have created.
9 Season 12 Episode 9 November 30, 2020
When an altogether average guy tells his friends that he's starting a podcast, the world reacts with awe. An overly competitive man turns a routine blood donation into a competition. A key maker attempts to make the key copying process more magical for an unenthusiastic, unappreciative customer. Andrew Lloyd Webber's latest oddly specific Broadway show is all about singing and dancing eggs. Women at a business conference share their inspiring, yet oddly similar, stories about achieving their dreams.
10 Season 12 Christmas Special December 7, 2020
Complete with musical numbers, special guests, corporate sponsors, and a visit from the big man himself, Studio C presents a vintage Christmas variety show replete with nostalgia and laughs. Join the cast as they explore the meaning of Christmas through a series of sketches. An extravagant gift is not appreciated. A mother stresses over holiday preparations. Sarah McLachlan advocates for animals. Two rappers present their take on Christmas music. An uptight theatre director can't handle interruptions to her elementary school holiday show. A marriage proposal falls on a cold heart. Two bell ringers face off in a show of musical skill. Santa Claus arrives, in triplicate.
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