Season Eleven
No. Title Original air date
1 Season 11 Episode 1 April 6, 2020
An appendix tries to be included within the vital organs of the body. Two inflatable tube men at a car lot discuss the issues in their lives. And Mr. Science is back to demonstrate the explosive activity of a volcano.
2 Season 11 Episode 2 April 13, 2020
A seemingly normal courtroom scene is transformed when the cast starts kissing each other. A one-dollar donation unwittingly commits a college student to fight Hunger. A customer tests the patience of a grocery checkout clerk with his determination to score free stuff. A hedge fund manager takes the stage at a slam poetry competition. And a disgruntled sandwich shop employee has high expectations for her customers.
3 Season 11 Episode 3 April 20, 2020
A homeowner believes her house is haunted, but the ghost is even more haunted when he discovers that the Revolutionary War didn't go the way he thought it had. A middle schooler wonders if her appearance on a local cooking show is more of a punishment than a reward. And Belle is startled by the enchanted objects in Beast's castle, especially the one object no one ever talks about.
4 Season 11 Episode 4 April 27, 2020
Buckle up your rodeo belts, put on your best boots, and come on out to an old-fashioned, hoedown! Then brace yourself for a dramatic look at the lives of housewives on the prairie. Get caught up in a magic show with the finest magician and assistant around. Join a family, and their newly found hitchhiker, on a road trip. And test your mothering knowledge on the hit game show "Causes and Cures."
5 Season 11 Episode 5 May 4, 2020
The stakes are high, leading one ballroom dancer to lose control. Then, The Wright Brothers take control of the sky, and the patrons of the sky in a historical documentary. And on the topic of transportation, after falling on the subway tracks, a man's survival is left to strangers. Next, the secret to time travel is discovered, which is probably how one restaurant is prepared to celebrate everything, and King Henry VIII makes a special appearance on The Newlywed Game.
6 Season 11 Episode 6 May 11, 2020
Sometimes everything just seems to go wrong. A restaurant can't get an order right. Sherlock's infamous deductive reasoning doesn't help him talk to women. High schoolers attempt to rewrite Shakespeare. Four millennials can't make their way out of an escape room. And finally, a game night leaves two couples questioning their communication skills.
7 Season 11 Episode 7 May 18, 2020
Unable to handle the grief, a man tries to liven up a funeral with a game of Twister. An innovative alarm clock keeps users from hitting snooze. While getting her hair done, a bride unwittingly meets a new wedding guest. A workplace is overtaken by puppet leadership. Two naive policemen ruin a crime scene.
8 Season 11 Episode 8 June 1, 2020
The great and powerful Oz turns out to be talk-show host Dr. Oz. Caught in his tracks, a criminal alleges that Scooby Doo is the real monster. Red Riding Hood's words are her greatest defense against The Big Bad Wolf. Cruella Deville's henchmen realize that they're not up to the job they've been given.
9 Season 11 Episode 9 June 8, 2020
A rocket ship malfunction leaves two astronauts stranded in a strange world. A medieval tournament is won by a unique knight and his exceptional emotional intelligence. A traditional wedding bouquet toss gets awkward when there's only one single woman in the crowd. In classic operatic fashion, the cast addresses fan theories regarding cast relationships.
10 Season 11 Episode 10 June 15, 2020
A dying pirate captain describes where to find his buried treasure. Unfortunately, his first mate doesn't speak pirate. Three women are quickly disenchanted with an automatic bathroom as every piece of technology malfunctions. A marriage proposal is interrupted by every romantic movie cliché. Out of money, Garet and Matthew present a sketch without a set, props, costumes, or their fellow cast members.
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