In the effort to make Studio C as funny and as family friendly as possible, there are ACTUAL sketches that were written, filmed, edited, and finished but were pulled at the last second due to the sketch not being 'appropriate'.

Putin (Communism)Edit

This sketch was making fun of communism, and it actually was uploaded on YouTube for a solid 15 minutes. But it was pulled down quickly. This was confirmed in a podcast on "What Say Ye" with Mallory Everton and Jeremy Warner, but the podcast has since been pulled down.

Batman vs DoraEdit

This sketch featured Jason as Batman and Tori as Dora. This sketch first premiered at a Studio C read-through alongside "Barbs and Rhonda". However, the sketch was pulled after acknowledgment of the use of guns in the video. Other concerns may have been Tori acting as a Mexican character.

The original sketch performed on stage can be found here.

Batman vs Dora

Batman vs Dora