Scary Ghost Stories That Don't Add Up

Scary Ghost Stories That Don't Add Up

There's nothing quite like hearing ghost stories late at night, huddled around a campfire. Such terrifying tales will make your blood run cold! Side benefit: they might also help you with your math homework.

"Like, Comment and Subscribe!"Edit

Jason: Let's say a honeybee were travelling from Detroit at the average speed of eight miles per hour. If a swallow were to-
Aaron: No, try this one. So, if you divide every like by each subscription, twelve out of ten times you're going to find that-
Matt: This... this doesn't make any sense. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe.
Jason: No, that equals a perfect comment.
Matt: No, it doesn't.
Jason: Do it.
Aaron: Yes. And a share.
Matt: It's not.
Jason: Yeah.

Season 8 Episode 5
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