Sarah Thompson was a member of Divine Comedy from the fall of 2014 to December 2017. She is from Eagle, Idaho, and she majored in neuroscience and English.

Sarah's "About Me" on the website of Divine Comedy reads: "Sarah loves glassblowing, knitting, and watching UFO documentaries. She has a Swatch watch collection, an overused Netflix account, and an Oxford comma."

She appeared in several sketches of Studio C, such as A Crushing Valentine's Day and Why Friends Shouldn't Play the Telephone Game.

A Crushing Valentine's Day[edit | edit source]

When all hope is lost for ever finding the love of your life as your Valentine, it's nice to know that you can curl up in a blanket and wallow and stuff your face with chocolate.


A Crushing Valentine's Day

Why Friends Shouldn't Play the Telephone Game[edit | edit source]

Why Friends Shouldn't Start Whisper Trains! Things Get confusing fast when friends start a whisper train during a movie.


Why Friends Shouldn't Play the Telephone Game

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