Sam Sloane Tongue Twister

Sam Sloane Tongue Twister

MM=Matt Meese JG=Jason Gray SH=Stacey Harkey ME=Mallory Everton AB=Adam Berg

MM: Sam Sloane.

JG: Sup.

MM: Somebody said you stole some secrets.

JG: So?

MM: Stop Spouting off.

SH: September 7th of '76 slick someone saw you sneakin' something psychedelic.

JG: Say what.

SH: You slipped up Scooby. Stealing Slick's Secrets from Sweet Sally Shores it's sickening.

MM: Who?

SH: You know she sells short shirts on seven.

JG: So? I set up Sleazy Sally, so she said she'd see Samson Simpson to seek some serious satisfaction.

SH: Samson Simpson who sells the sinister supplies?

JG: No some other Samson Simpson stupid. Stop slapping.

ME: Somebody sent some seriously sickening stuff, say Sam Sloane should stop sleuthing or some snafu would soon snub Slippery Sam so silently so that no screaming sounds will save him. Signed the Sniper Snapper. Sorry, I spilled some sugary strawberry strudel on it.

JG: The Sniper Snapper the Snitch Sweeper sent that? Sorry Sergeants I'm silent.

MM: Sir, seems Sam Sloane stole and sold some of Sally Shore's secrets, so Sniper Snapper the Snitch Sweeper seeks satisfaction using Samson Simpson's sinister supplies to subvert Sloane's squealing.

JG: I thought he was gonna spra-.

AB: Sweet Satisfaction.