Prom Date Replacement

Prom Date Replacement

Should Madison still go to prom after a devastating breakup? She could. Should she go with Arnold instead? She could. Should Arnold pull the moves on her? He could.


Stephen: Hey, Madison! Hey!
Whitney: Hi, Arnold.
Stephen: What... what's wrong?
Whitney: It's just my stupid boyfriend Travis.
Stephen: Oh. Oh no, what happened?
Whitney: He forgot about prom! There's this stupid hunting trip he's going on with his stupid dad, and now he can't stupid go. I should just break up with him.
Stephen: You could. That would be really harsh, but you could.
Whitney: No, you're right. Oh, I'm just so mad! Maybe I should just slap him instead.
Stephen: You could.

Mallory: Hi Madison, hi Arnold.
Stephen: Hey, Cassidy.
Whitney: Cassidy, O-M-Goodness, Travis is so dumb.
Mallory: What happened?
Whitney: He's going hunting instead of going to prom!
Mallory: No.
Whitney: Yeah. It's like he doesn't even care. I should stop dating boys like him.
Stephen: Yeah, you could! You could.
Whitney: You know, boys are just so stupid, maybe I should just hate all of them.
Stephen: Ah, hm, you could?
Mallory: Or maybe you should just date nicer guys.
Stephen: Yeah! Yeah, you could.

Whitney: Yeah, maybe guys like Arnold.
Stephen: You could.
Mallory: Or maybe actually Arnold.
Stephen: You could. You could.
Whitney: What do you think, Cassidy? Should I get back at my stupid boyfriend?
Stephen: You could! You could! You could!

Mallory: Maybe you should go to prom with Arnold?
Stephen: You could! I'm not going! You could! Yeah!
Whitney: I don't know. You think he's a good kisser?
Mallory: Maybe you should kiss him and find out?
Stephen: You could. You could. You did!

Whitney: Should we report this to the police?
Mallory: You could..?

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Whitney: And we'd love it if you shared this video with all your friends.
Mallory: And we'd really love it if you didn't tell anybody what happened today.
Whitney: Also, we'd love it if you knew of a way to get ash out of clothes.
Mallory: Yeah, like human ash.
Whitney: This is from Banana Republic.

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