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Home state: Minnesota

Favorite food: Pizza, popcorn

Favorite sports: Basketball, football, slapping Matt Meese

Biggest fear: A wizard

Favorite school subject: English, physics, history, lunch, recess

Least favorite school subject: Math

Interview with Natalie Madsen

Natalie had a two-week-old baby when Studio C’s first season started filming.

“I knew if I didn’t do Season 1, then I wouldn’t be part of Studio C,” says Natalie, whose husband is a stay-at-home dad.

During Season 4, Natalie was “barely pregnant” with her second baby. And in Season 5, she was noticeably expecting in most of the sketches. In fact, she had her second baby three days after the Scott Sterling video was filmed.

Natalie’s own childhood was the launching pad for her performance career.

“I was always putting on plays, and I’m sure they were horrible,” she says. Her plot took a turn for the famous when she met Matt Meese at age 18.

Favorite sketches: “My son likes ‘A Man’s Brain.’ I like the Wes Anderson sketches.”

2015 goals: “Lose the baby weight, write more sketches that appear in the show, improve my acting, get my daughter to sleep through the night.”

Pre-game rituals: “I like lip-syncing to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ beforehand. We love to dance and look stupid together.”

Post-game ritual: “Last season I was super pregnant, so I just wanted to take a bubble bath and sleep.”

Character you know her for: Susan Weebers (written by Natalie)

Life coaches: “My husband reads my scripts and gives me feedback.”

Big win: “Getting into BYU! I was wait-listed. Then I redid my essay and by some miracle got in.”

Tough loss: “Trying to have kids. Miscarriage is tough to go through.”

Game-time decision: “I had plans to serve a mission and go to grad school. Then I met my future husband when I was 19, and I had to make a choice to marry him or not when I was 20. I wasn’t going to be one of ‘those girls’ at BYU. But I was totally one of those girls.”

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