Mr. Eckelstone Teaches Drivers Ed

To drive is to die.

Teaching student drivers can be a dangerous thing. Watch as Mr. Eckelstone does his best to teach the drivers of the next generation.


  • This is the second sketch of Season 2.
  • This sketch was uploaded on the same day as the episode aired on BYUtv.
  • This is the first time since Emergency Pitch Meeting where only the Main Cast is featured.
  • This is the first sketch featuring Mr. Eckelstone.
  • This is the fiftieth sketch and fifth sketch in a row featuring Jason Gray.
  • This sketch is also featured in Season 2 Favorites, where it was voted to be the #7 favorite sketch of Season 2.
  • Studio C is only able to record these sketches once or twice, without rehearsing, as the voice of Mr. Eckelstone is too demanding for Matt Meese's voice.
    • Applying makeup for Mr. Eckelstone takes three to four hours.
  • This sketch was filmed in front of a green screen.

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The end slate of this video shows a black, grey and white screen with the Social Media of Studio C on it. The sketches Is This a Dream and Lady Shadow are featured.

Season 2 Episode 1
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