Monster Under the Bed ft

Monster Under the Bed ft. Pitbull​

It's not uncommon for little kids to be scared of something hiding under their beds. But this bed and this monster is unlike any you could have imagined. Get ready to scream—or dance—when you find out what it is.

"Like, Comment and Subscribe!"Edit

Mallory: Hey friends! Thanks for watching that sketch. Um, make sure to like it... and subscribe to our channel!
Aaron: Yeah, those are good things. And comment below what monster would be under your bed.
Mallory: Yeah, like if there's a celebrity, or...
Aaron: Yeah, someone like...
Stephen: Dale!
Aaron: Ah! It's not Pitbull, it's just Stephen.
Stephen: Mr. Worldwide!
Mallory: Stephen. Let it go.

Season 8 Episode 5
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