McKay Jacobsen was a member of Divine Comedy, the same comedy group every cast member has been part of. McKay joined Divine Comedy in the fall of 2012, and she left in April 2015. She has also worked as director of social media and content writer for AudioFlood. She played the female Shoulder Angel. She appeared in at least two sketches.

McKay's "About Me" on the Divine Comedy website: "When I was little I wanted to become a fish doctor, which actually has a lot more in common with being a comedian than you’d think. I guess I knew what I was doing way back then. Thanks, Little Me. Represent."

Shoulder Angel Angel[edit | edit source]

Everyone needs a little advice.


Shoulder Angel Angel

Shoulder Angel and Devil[edit | edit source]

Angel vs. Devil... who wins?


Shoulder Angel and Devil

The Drop[edit | edit source]

Wait for it...


The Drop

Twin Therapist[edit | edit source]

Being a twin is better than most people think.


Twin Therapist (feat. David Bazan)

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