Marshmallow Experiment

Marshmallow Experiment

You've heard of the famous marshmallow experiment conducted with kids and patiently waiting to eat their mallow, right? Well then check this out!


Aaron: Alright, uh, Dalton. I will explain to you the rules of this experiment. Did you not get a marshmallow? Oh, okay. I'll be right back.

Tori: Hey.

Aaron: Alright, now that you're ready with your marshmallow... Where...?

Aaron: Did you eat the marshmallow? Open your mouth. Okay. You will receive a marshmallow, like this one. You will then be left alone for a certain... No! Dalton! You have to wait to eat the marshmallow. Thank you. You will be left with a marshmallow, like this one. The rules are... A-ha! Oh. Good job, Dalton. No! You have got to wait to eat the marshmallow until I set the timer. I can't count the experiment if I haven't set the timer.

Aaron: What? Dalton, give me the bag. No! What are you... give me those! You can't... oh my gosh. And the rest?

Aaron: Where? Where did you... I... we don't have marshmallows this size, Dalton... heart shapes, stars... Did you bring these? Peeps, pumpkin spice? I thought these were seasonal. We couldn't get ahold of these and we... what is... your... in your shoe? How did you walk here with your shoe full of marshmallows? Okay.

Aaron: Dalton, you like marshmallows? Dalton, I know you like marshmallows. Yes? Okay. I'm going to give you a marshmallow. Do you want two marshmallows? You can have two marshmallows if you wait to eat this one until I have set the timer. Do you understand the rules? Excellent. I'm going to go set the timer.

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Aaron: Hey, guys. Thanks for watching this video, hope you really enjoyed it, please like, comment and share the video, and comment below on your favorite experiments, some things that you've tried or always wanted to try, with marshmallows, or... Stop it, Dalton! So yeah...

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