The game of Mafia isn't as safe as you think.

Mafia is a game that is good for any party as long as the rules are explained clearly. Watch as the cast of Studio C forgets to include a very important part of the game.


  • This sketch is an adaptation of a sketch performed by BYU Divine Comedy, written in 2011.
  • This sketch is inspired by a true event that happened to Jason Gray when he was on holiday in Island Park, Idaho, when he was only twelve years old.
  • The title is named after the party game Mafia.
  • This sketch was uploaded on the same day as the episode aired on BYUtv.
  • This is the thirtieth sketch of Studio C.
  • This is the sketch with the shortest title of Season 1.
  • This is the last sketch of Season 1 Episode 5.
  • This is the third sketch in a row to feature at least nine out of ten Cast members.
  • Stacey Harkey is the only Cast member who doesn't appear in this sketch.
  • This is the fifth sketch written by Jason Gray, and it's the first sketch since Bad Extra to be written by him.
  • This is the tenth sketch in which Adam Berg appears.
  • This sketch is said to be among the favorite sketches of Studio C for Whitney (Call) Meek and Stephen Meek.
  • The part where Jason Gray is strangling Stephen Meek was supposed to be longer, but it was shortened for broadcasting reasons.
  • The line where Jeremy Warner says that he "has an astigmatism" was made up by Jeremy Warner during a rehearsal because he forgot his original line.
  • The bottle Jason Gray hits Jeremy Warner with was made of sugar glass. Only two bottles were available to use in Season 1, due to a limited budget.
  • This sketch is featured in the special Season 1 Favorites.

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The end slate for this sketch shows a black screen with the text "STUDIO C MON @ 9 ET / 7 MT".

Season 1 Episode 5
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