Lord Voldemort Goes On Blind Date

Lord Voldemort Goes On Blind Date

Even "He Who Must Not Be Named" goes on blind dates.

You can never trust other people to set you up, but this easily takes the cake! Will Whitney fall for this interesting bachelor? Watch and find out!


  • As was usual at the time, this sketch was uploaded on the same day as the episode aired on BYUtv.
  • This is only the second sketch that wasn't filmed in the studio, after Facebook Philanthropist.
    • A part of this sketch was filmed in Nellie's Diner, in Provo, Utah.
  • This is the first one of the Harry Potter Sketches.
    • After this sketch, Matt Meese would appear as Lord Voldemort in more sketches, and Jason Gray would appear as Severus Snape in more sketches, as well.
  • The working title for this sketch was "Blind Date That Lived", as a reference to The Boy Who Lived, an alias for Harry Potter.
  • This is the first sketch since Facebook Philanthropist to include non-cast members/extras.
  • This is the first sketch where only a part of the Cast appears under a different name. In this sketch, Matt Meese appears as Tom and Jason Gray appears as Sevvy, while the other actors appear with their own names.
  • This is the tenth sketch featuring Jason Gray.
  • This is the fifteenth sketch to be directed by Julian Riley.
  • This is the first sketch to feature three locations, after P90X featured two.
  • This sketch is also featured in the special Studio C at the Movies: The Reel World.
    • There have been 95 episodes between the first and second appearance of this sketch, which makes it the biggest gap so far.

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