Lady Shadow

Lady Shadow

A secret agent never stops... never! Watch and see if Lady Shadow can complete her mission and save the day.


  • This is the fifth sketch of Season 2.
  • This sketch features the recurring character Lady Shadow.
  • This is the thirty-fifth sketch known to have been written by Matt Meese.
  • This is the fifth sketch to be directed by Craig Camp.
  • The original name for this character was Lady Shadow, although it was intended to be changed later.
  • The original idea for this sketch was a woman giving birth in a restaurant.
    • The idea was made by Gregory Schulz, who was a part of Divine Comedy with most of the Cast.
  • The wooden pillar is supposed to be a part of the deck, and therefore not supposed to fall over.
  • This sketch was featured in the special Season 2 Favorites, being chosen as the fourth favorite sketch of Season 2.

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The end slate of this video shows a black, gray and white screen with the Social Media of Studio C on it. The sketches Downton Drama and Operation Breakup are featured.

Season 2 Episode 1
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