Kathy Lynch

Kathy Lynch is a native of Northern California, United States. She studied at The Institute of Cosmetology and graduated at the age of 18. She has been working in the Entertainment business for over 6 years, but she has over 25 years of experience working in other films, tv, bridal, print and video. She has her own salon and has been working with Studio C since Season 5. Not only is she the daily hair stylist for the regular cast, she is also the wig stylist as well as a makeup artist for the On Location shoots and the live audience shows. During the episodes of Studio C, she has done the makeup of the Cast, Peter Hollens, Lucky Blue Smith, Brooklyn & Bailey, Jared Shores, Lexi Walker and The Piano Guys, among many others.

She is married and the mother of four sons.

Kathy Lynch is a member of the Makeup and Hair Team of Studio C. She has been working with Studio C since Season 5.

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