Favorite food: Curry

She is originally from Arizona, where she was shown to be talented at a very young age. Having been selected to participate in a travelling performing cast, she appeared all over Arizona (as well as Disneyland Resort) at the age of 10. She only pursued this career further during high school, receiving several awards regarding comedy and acting in 2011 and 2012, after which she was picked to be a part of a conservatory program, as the youngest member ever.

After her high school years, she moved to Los Angeles, where she also starred in major roles in television series, such as Funny or Die and Kickin' It, as well as many commercials of major companies. In 2018, she also won the first season of Audience Got Talent, singing an original song on her ukulele named Blanch. If she isn't working on sketch comedy, she is often found dancing, cooking, listening to ABBA, having an activity outdoors, or hanging out with other cast members. Since February 2019, she and Ike Flitcraft have started dating.

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