Harry Potter and the Mirror of Erised

Harry Potter and the Mirror of Erised

Are you excited for the new Harry Potter movie, 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'? Then take a peek into the Mirror of Erised and find out your hearts TRUEST desire! You may be surprised what you find!


Matt: Are you sure this will work?
Mallory: It has to. The Mirror of Erised shows you your deepest desire. If we want to find the Horcruxes, it can show us where they are.
Jason: I don't know. Seems kind of mental.
Matt: Worked for the Sorcerer's Stone.
Mallory: Remember, Harry, you want to get the Horcruxes. It has to be your deepest desire.

Mallory: What did you see?
Matt: Huh? Uh, nothing. Just my family. My dead family.
Jason: Whoa, really? What are they like?
Matt: Doesn't matter.
Jason: No, come on. Describe them to us.
Matt: Um... well, my mom has green eyes, like me. And my dad has dark hair and all that. Well, no Horcruxes here.
Mallory: Well, I'd better try.

Jason: What do you see?
Mallory: Uh, I'm top of our class.
Jason: Isn't that already real?
Mallory: It sure felt real.
Matt: I'll say.
Jason: Okay, it's up to me.

Jason: I'm... Quidditch... captain.
Mallory: Well, we shouldn't give up.
Matt: Yeah, worth another try.
Jason: So we can find the Horcruxes.
Matt: Yes.
Mallory: Yeah.

Matt: It's... my grandparents.

Mallory: I... aced my exams.

Jason: Still Quidditch. Manly Quidditch.

James: I'm so sorry, but the cancer is terminal.

Adam: That was easy. A little too...

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Matt: What would you see in the mirror of Erised? Write your answer in the comment below and subscribe.
Jason: I'd see me snogging McGonagall.
Matt: I have no doubt you would.
Jason: Followed by Cho Chang.

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