The Gardiner Sisters are a musical family from Concord, North California, existing of the sisters Hailey, Allie, Mandi, Lindsay, Abby and Lucy Gardiner. The group itself was founded in 2006, when they wanted to compete (and eventually won) the Mt. Pleasant's Got Talent July 4th singing competition. They gained fame by making covers on YouTube, and they currently have three channels, two of which are from the entire group, and the last one from the second oldest sister Allie. A notable achievement is being featured on ABC News' Top 10 renditions of the song "Let It Go" in 2014. With a view count over 65 million, they are one of the most popular independent music artist on YouTube and Spotify, where their music has been played over 120 million times.

They have worked with Peter Hollens and Devin Graham, among others.

A part of the group was featured in the sketch "Cutting Out Holidays".

Cutting Out Holidays[edit | edit source]

Join our special guests, the Gardiner sisters, as they team up with our cast! With all the chaos of the holiday season, sometimes it's necessary to simplify; to cut things out. Like unnecessary holidays. What holiday will be cut next? Watch now!


Cutting Out Holidays

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