Elizabeth Cannon Funk, born in 1954, graduated with a Bachelor's Minor in Music Education from the University of Utah, and has four sons. She has also been a teacher in public and private schools, and since 2000, she has been working with the Theatre and Media Arts department on Brigham Young University, where she currently is the assistant to the Department Chair. She has produced the department's publications for TMAccess and The Sound and the Fury, and for that (among other things), she received a President's Award in 2009.

In her spare time, she gives advice to Divine Comedy. With Divine Comedy, she has been going to Los Angeles and Chicago, Illinois, to attend improvisation workshops since 2009.

She played the grandma in Awkward Avoidance Viking: Grandma's House.

Awkward Avoidance Viking: Grandma's House[edit | edit source]

Our favorite Viking is back and this time it is to help Matt and his grandma. Watch as our favorite Viking helps fix, yet another, awkward moment.


Awkward Avoidance Viking Grandma's House

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