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Diane Mayne graduated from Brigham Young University in 2008 with a bachelor's degree in media arts studies and was selected by the faculty of the Theatre and Media Arts Department to speak at the August 2008 Convocation.

Diane Mayne did not grow up dreaming of becoming a filmmaker. The youngest of six children, she grew up on a cattle ranch in Colorado. She began her time at BYU as a Chemistry major but after two years realized that science was no longer her passion. In search of a completely new direction, she took the Intro to Film class. It only took a single lecture for her to make up her mind and soon she was accepted into the BYU Film program. After graduating in 2008, Diane began working as a production manager for BYU Broadcasting on the series "The Generations Project".

Mayne produced the film Unhinged, which was accepted into the Beverly Hills Hi-Def Film Fest in 2008. She is now a unit production manager for BYU Broadcasting and was the production manager for Divine Comedy's series on BYUtv in 2012. She was an Assistant Director/Executive Producer/Production Manager of Studio C, but has been a stage manager since Season 10.

She also appeared in a speaking role in the sketch "Thank You Studio C Crew!"

Thank You Studio C Crew![edit | edit source]

Meet the wonderful and talented people behind the camera at Studio C. This is a special song, dedicated to our camera crew!


Thank You Studio C Crew!

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