Devin Graham, born on July 29, 1983 (37 years old), is an American YouTube video- and cinematographer, who specializes in adventure and extreme sports. His most famous YouTube channel, called Devinsupertramp has over four million subscribers and over one billion views.

He began making videos after he got injured while snowboarding at a very young age. Years later, he applied at Brigham Young University, where he studied Film Making. He voluntarily dropped out when he noticed how much success could be achieved by making videos on YouTube.

He produces, films and edits on his own, but he often works with local volunteers, primarily in front of the camera.

In his years as a cinematographer, he has worked with many people, including Peter Hollens, Gardiner Sisters, What's Inside, Shonduras, The Piano Guys and violinist Lindsey Stirling.

Devin Graham has directed one sketch with Studio C. Christian Busath, who has also directed several sketches, appeared as an actor in this sketch.

Stranger Things Parody[edit | edit source]

Who else is super stoked for Season 2?! :)


Stranger Things Parody featuring Gaten Matarazzo & Studio C!

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