Dana's Dead Tongue Twister

Dana's Dead Tongue Twister

Tongue twisters can be tricky and wet.

Tongue twisters are always difficult, but Studio C won't stop until they get this one right! Watch as they act out the mystery of what happened to Dana, and see if the cast will ever make it to the end.


Matt: Guys, come quick, it’s Dana!
Stacey: What happened?
Matt: She’s dead.
Jason: Dana’s dead?
Matt: As a doornail.
Stacey: What did she do?
Matt: She was diving into a deep ditch and did a double flip.
Stacey: Dana deep ditch diving? Wasn’t Dana digging Doug’s garden?
Jason: No Dylan digs Doug’s garden, Dana digs Drake’s garden.
Matt: Yes, but then she went deep ditch diving. I drained the deep ditch, but didn’t see Dana.

Mallory: Dudes, don’t despair. Dana didn’t die deep ditch diving, she was trying to draw drowsy ducks down by Dairy Queen, downing a dilly bar in her Dodge Dakota.
Stacey: Dana drawing drowsy ducks? Did she do drugs?
Jason: I doubt it was Dana. She doesn’t do well downing dairy or drawing drowsy ducks.
Mallory: Dude, don’t you dare doubt me like dat.

Matt: Dana!
Stacey: Dana!
Natalie: Hey guys!
Jason: Dana!
Matt: Dana, after you did drugs and deep ditch dove, I drained the deep ditch, didn’t see you, decided you died deep ditch diving, but a Dodge Dakota and a dilly bar were driving by DQ, but I doubt it cause don’t you dislike downing dairy and drawing drowsy ducks?


  • This is the first sketch of Season 1 Episode 4.
  • This is the twentieth sketch of Studio C.
  • This sketch was uploaded on the same day as the episode aired on BYUtv.
  • This sketch is an altered version of an old sketch by BYU Divine Comedy, recorded in 2011.
  • This is the first Studio C Tongue Twister.
    • The sketch is only one minute, but every time someone messes up their lines, the Cast has to start over again.
  • This is the first sketch to be written by multiple people.
  • Whitney (Call) Meek doesn't appear, which makes this the first time a writer doesn't appear in their own sketch.
  • This sketch is also featured in the special Season 1 Favorites.

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