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Favorite food: Smoked salmon

Favorite school subject: U.S. History

Least favorite school subject: World History

Favorite sketch: Kaskade's "Disarm You" Trolls Couple

Dalton Johnson

On April 21, 2017, it was announced that Dalton, along with Aaron Fielding, would be joining the Cast of Studio C. Studio C tweeted that they will join Tori Pence in Season 8 as featured cast members of Studio C.

Dalton Johnson will be the youngest member of Studio C when he joins in Season 8.

Dalton was named "Dalton", as his mother wanted to keep her maiden name in the family.

Dalton started drawing cartoons in elementary school, and he continued that throughout high school, when an unnamed magazine accepted a few of his cartoons to appear in the magazine. He noticed that others found his cartoons funny, which is when he started writing (comedy) sketches. However, not all his plans turned out as successful as drawing cartoons and writing sketches. In high school, he created a bumper sticker, which was a parody of a bumper sticker that you could see everywhere. However, his idea failed, and he hardly sold any of them. Now he still has about a thousand of those stickers at home.

Dalton planned on becoming a History teacher after graduating, which is why he has majored in Social Science Teaching and Spanish, which was one of his favorite subjects in high school.

He has been in Divine Comedy for two years before he became a cast member of Studio C.

Dalton Johnson considers himself to be a Slytherin, out of the four Houses of Harry Potter, but he has never done the Pottermore quiz.

In preparation for a sketch, Dalton goes on a walk. If he's not working on sketches, he watches TV or history videos on YouTube. His favorite shows include Sherlock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

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