One word can go a long way.

One word can say a lot more than you think. Watch as Studio C proves that we use way more words than we need to.


Whitney: Hi!
Matt: Hello!

Matt: Hugs.

Matt: Good?
Whitney: Yes.
Matt: Good.
Whitney: You?
Matt: Me?
Whitney: You.
Matt: Fine.
Whitney: Good.

Matt: Food?
Whitney: No.
Matt: Oh.
Whitney: You?
Matt: No.
Whitney: Sure?
Matt: Yes.

Matt: Whitney?
Whitney: Yes?
Matt: You…
Whitney: Yes.
Matt: Me...
Whitney: Yes?
Matt: Happy?
Whitney: ...Course.
Matt: Good.

Whitney: You?
Matt: Yes.
Whitney: Good.

Matt: But...
Whitney: What?
Matt: This...
Whitney: What?!
Matt: It's...
Whitney: Wonderful?
Matt: Yes...
Whitney: But?
Matt: But…
Whitney: Done?
Matt: No.
Whitney: Done?!
Matt: No!
Whitney: What?
Matt: Change.
Whitney: Katie?!
Matt: No.
Whitney: Tramp!

Whitney: Ugly?
Matt: No.
Whitney: Androgynous?
Matt: No?
Whitney: What?!
Matt: Marry?
Whitney: Oooh.
Matt: Yes?
Whitney: Yes!

Whitney: Happy!
Matt: Relieved.
Whitney: Marriage...
Matt: Children...
Whitney: Job?
Matt: No.
Whitney: Oh.
Matt: Love.
Whitney: Insufficient.

Matt: Katie!


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