To download, follow each link and save each picture. Print and glue faces and backing together. For sturdier cards, print on cardstock paper.

Characters[edit | edit source]

King: King Warrick from Couchville

Queen: Ann Withers from Ann "The Librarian" Withers

Jack: Awkward Avoidance Viking from Awkward Avoidance Viking: Grocery Store

10: Mr. Ecklestone from Ecklestone Lamaze

9: Captain Literally from Captain Literally Returns

8: Star Feraldo from I Don't Do Mornings

7: Black Crayon from The Crayon Song Gets Ruined

6: The Aww Yeah Lady from Aww Yeah

5: Sir Francis François (Franny) from 18th Century Man's Man

4: Lady Shadow from Lady Shadow

3: Señor Lobster Bisque from Lobster Bisque

2: Scott Sterling from Top Soccer Shootout Ever with Scott Sterling (Original)

A: Shoulder Angel from Presidential Shoulder Angel

Joker: Kyle from Kyle's Hyper Halloween

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