Bryson Brunson is an American actor and performer. He was the winner of the first season of Wayne Brady's Comedy IQ on BYUtv, after which he was selected to be featured in Season 12 Episode 2 as guest star. Originally from New York City, he took acting classes to aim for a spot on the Broadway podium, and his ambition took a strong turn after he won the comedy competition on BYUtv. Aside from a guest appearance in an episode of Studio C, he also had a chance to perform together with Wayne Brady in one of his shows, as well as technical equipment and funds to start his career. He appeared in five sketches in Season 12 Episode 2, including Science Class Dissection and Braces Theme Song.

Science Class Dissection[edit | edit source]

These students are exceptional at one thing—making a mockery of science. Whether that's intentional or not, nobody knows. Not even Mr. Frog.


Science Class Dissection

Braces Theme Song[edit | edit source]

This song is about more than just braces--it's about discovering one's true identity during the most chaotic and pivotal time of life--high school. Brace yourselves for something special.


Braces Theme Song

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