Bad Bobby Brown Tongue Twister

Bad Bobby Brown Tongue Twister

Butch and the boys are in a bad spot with Bobby Brown! Enjoy the newest tongue twister!

Transcript Edit

Matt: Bad news, Butch! That bike is about to blow!
Stacey: But...
Matt: Bike!

Adam: Boo!
Stacey: Wait, Billy Bishop blabbed about us being backstabbers?
Matt: Bingo, said you stole the big black-backed blank bank book.
Stacey: The big black-backed blank bank book?
Matt: Yes, by the computer bank that goes "bleep bloop, bleep bloop".
Jason: We didn't steal the big black-backed blank bank book. We stole the big blue-backed blank bank book. Billy Bishop is about to get beat with a bat!
Matt: Now bad Bobby Brown wants both you boys buried for betrayal, and Bobby Brown built a bike bomb!
Stacey: Bad Bobby Brown bound a bomb to a bike?
Matt: Better believe, if the bike goes slow, the bike will blow! Bike!

Jason: My booty's bruised bad.
Matt: You may have heard bad Bobby Brown botches bike bombs.
Jason: Boy, you best not bet he botched a bomb beneath my bum!

Mallory: Bomb squad!
Jason: Bless you!
Mallory: Back up, boys. Oh boy, bad Bobby Brown bluffed bad. There is no big black-backed blank bank book. And this isn't a bomb, blessedly, it's just a big blue bucket of blue blueberries. Badda bing, badda boom!
Jason: A big blue bucket of blue blueberries?
Matt: Well, seems Billy Bishop blabbing about Butch backstabbing bad Bobby Brown by stealing his big black-backed blank bank book backfired, and Bobby Brown bluffed a bike bomb with a big blue bucket of blue blueberries.

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Mallory: Simple Caesar seized...
Matt: ...seized a sniffy, slapped his sister, Sally, and swore that he'd sing...

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